Stage 1


RST Stage I

In emergency situations, there are areas exposed to natural disasters (floods, landslides, earthquakes) in Romania and it is absolutely necessary to have a plan of action in such situations, both in terms of human resources and in terms of equipment and response time. Through this project, the proposed integrated system comes to meet the requirements of such a situation, for establishing a disaster victims camp, ensuring both the necessary equipment and logistics, with a high level of flexibility provided by the possibility of modulrity depending on the specific situation and incrased mobility, being able to be transported into containers and easy to assemble.

The solution is modular in that it can integrate specialized modules (in the following areas: power supply, communications, telemedical monitoring, perimeter security, containerized transport of the entire system components, auxiliary systems: lighting and water) in a component dependent on the needs, any of the modules listed above having the possibility to be present or absent from the system configuration.

The chosen solution must be scalable in the sense that multiple systems can be interconnected in parallel under a SCADA unitary control in order to increase the energy capacity and expand the provided auxiliary services (communications, medical monitoring, perimeter security etc.).

The system can be flexible in terms of power supply, depending on the area of the camp site area and biogas, diesel generators, wind or solar energy can be used separately or in parallel, which is an advantage in operation.

In principle, disaster victims camps must allow acces to the power supply from many different sources in order to use all the possibilities of the location area.

In emergency situations it is necessary to monitor vital parameters of key personnel in the camp and the camp occupants and also the transmission of these parameters to the command center.

In order to provide information to the camp occupants about both the external situations and the link to high command regarding the actions that need to be taken and the status of the camp, a communications module is necessary. In terms of equipment a varying degree of endowment, both qualitative and cantitative, with energy equipment is required in order to achieve a modular and scalable system in terms of energy.